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"You've pulled in all these influences that are in culture right now, and you've sold it." 

 Jemma Harris, Veteran Game Maker & Producer

What is Outside Over There?

Outside Over There is a personal project-turned-12 week university project completed between February - May 2015, by a team of 10-15 university students.




Based around a detective called Ida employed by ‘Optec’. He has been tasked with finding a child who has been kidnapped by a street gang known as the “Goblins”. Normally people don’t return  once they are abducted by The Goblins, but Optec seem to be convinced that the child will be alive.




Outside Over There is set in an unspecified time in a gigantic metropolis called Utopia. The city is run and monitored by Optec’s artificial intelligence called IRIS (Integrated Real-Time Intelligence System). IRIS regulates almost every part of Utopia’s structure, everything from administration networks, to custodian services.  


Every citizen is tagged at birth, so that they can be kept safe and monitored by IRIS. The majority of the population are exposed to a great deal of technology over the course of their lives. Because of the constant connection to the city’s network ‘tech-addiction’ is a wide spread problem, that almost everyone has to treat with a medicine called ‘Clarity’. It started off as a syringe shot, but has since became available as medicine, pills and as cigarette.


Organics are the majority, with synthetic altered citizens being the minority of the population. A poverty-reformation act has been active for several years to help people back from destitution. The act takes in people who are poor, sick or disabled and “rebuilds” them with synthetic parts to relocate them into society. However, with the rise of partial synthetics came extremist pro-organic groups, religious societies and ethic unions challenging this new form of human evolution.  



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