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“Asylum” is a first person adventure game, with strong emphasis on stealth, exploration and platforming. The world of “Asylum” is a future ravaged Earth, in which the planet has exhausted all of its resources, resulting in worldwide conflicts, famines and natural disasters etc  However, prior to the downfall of society a secret contingency plan was put in effect to resettle a small percentage of world’s population to state of the art facilities, known as ARCS. These facilities contained VR technology that would allow the users to enter into a virtual world (whilst their real bodies would remain in suspended animation) letting them live out a new life in complete safety. The rest of world wasn’t so lucky. 

The game itself is set inside the VR World. The environment will feel really "new" and abundantly clear that its man-made. To reinforce this idea, i  decided on going for a concrete/ brutalist architecture style to truly emphasis the man-made feeling.

A huge theme of the project is immigration and refugees. I feel that the current "crisis" really needs a game that could help improve and educate gamer's and by extension their friends/family view on the matter, that in the end of the day they are incredibly desperate people. I didn't want to recreate a realistic game, as it would add a lot of restrictions and ultimately could be a bit of a disservice to the real world scenario.







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